Medical Tourism
AGK provides reliable and supportive services in the medical tourism sector.

Turkey is among the leading destinations for medical care. Turkey provides its patients better access to healthcare, higher quality and lower prices, along with recreational and relaxation options.

Advantages of having medical care in Turkey:

• High quality of the infrastructures and the equipment of hospitals.
• Level of education and the experience of medical doctors and services. providers matching the level of Western countries standards.
• Price advantages.
• Geographical location and traditional/cultural tourism attractiveness.

AGK supports their guest till the end of their medical journey. We also provide one-on-one support throughout your stay. AGK has an all-inclusive package in medical care, at a very reasonable price. We coordinate:
• Transfers; throughout your stay in Turkey.
• Accommodation
• Doctor/Hospital/Clinic meetings and appointments
• Cultural/historical tours at your request.

AGK works with accredited doctors and hospitals/clinics. Hospital/Clinic infrastructures are modern, technologically advanced, comfortable, friendly staff and hygienic.

Most common medical care executed in Turkey are:
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Dentistry (general, restorative, cosmetic)
• Cardiovascular (transplants)
• Reproductive (fertility, IVF, women’s health)
• Weight Loss (LAP-BAND, gastric bypass)
• Scans, tests, health screenings and second opinions.

AGK has a reliable, professional and a well-organised team supporting you throughout your medical journey. Along with recovering your health you’ll nourish your soul with the history and culture of the city.

Food Industry
Trading and consulting with AGK would be the best decision you can make for your importing and exporting needs.

AGK exports and imports various foods. It has exported foods like; dried foods, bean varieties, vegetables and various confectionary goods. AGK also gives expert advice on exporting and importing to enhance their trade. AGK has exported to destinations such as: Europe, Russia, Eurasian countries, Middle East and North Africa.

Our company has assured its customers with expert advice on exporting and importing services. This service is guaranteed with customer satisfaction, careful handling (hygiene), reliability, quality and organic food products at low prices. We will give you first hand experience in the process of importing and exporting.

With AGKs first hand advice in importing and exporting, the process of procurement of your product will be effective and easy. We will work hand in hand with you, presenting you with quality assured services at low prices. AGK will support you in organising and finalising, buying, designing packaging, transporting and co-ordinating the customs process.

Trading with AGK will make your exporting and importing experience run smoothly.

Textile Products
We are different due to our quality assured services and customer satisfaction dedication.

AGK supplies various types of yarn domestically and has been importing and exporting cotton and raw cotton for many years. AGK also supplies textiles (uniforms) and ready to wear textiles domestically and internationally.

AGK follows a professional strategic plan to become successful and grow. We are different due to our quality assured services and customer satisfaction dedication.

The AGK experience provides its customers with continuity, on-time deadlines and quality services, quality control services, logistic organisation and solutions in the textiles industry. We are an innovative and progressive company, continuously changing to serve our clientele better.

AGK’s long term working principle is on a win-win based strategy. While meeting our clients needs we are determined to make their journey of importing/exporting of textiles as smooth and easy as possible.

Business Development - Consultancy
We construct a method to suit company, personal and professional needs.

AGK is a consultant in the corporate and personal development sector. AGK has a team of determined, motivated, experienced and knowledgeable instructors. The worlds most leading and competent instructors work within our company, to create positive development in Turkey. Our instructors/trainers consult in the areas of: management and leadership, customer service quality, personal and in-house relations and personal development. These training seminars can be applied to your professional and personal life.

AGK also designs programs for companies and individuals to meet specific needs. What makes AGK consultancy different to its competitors; we have a positive attitude towards development; we can be flexible and construct various methods to suit you personally, professionally and in the corporate sector.

Our instructors are positive, resourceful and effective as a team. They are flexible to carry out seminars/organisations domestically and internationally. Choose AGK to move forward in developing your companies and personal success.

Advertising and Publicity
AGK provides customer satisfaction, creativity and innovative solutions.

AGK provides companies, manufacturers and individual customers with efficient and creative solutions in the advertising and publicity fields. AGK provides its clientele creativity, guidance and innovation with their advertising and publicity ideas to add value to their brands.

We provide various printing methods, corporate identity operations, interactive services, web design, packaging design, press promotion, photography, open-air advertising and illustration.

AGK covers all of your advertising and publicity needs all at low cost prices.